Writing a personal letter (Signatures)

Here're a few analysis steps to write my essay on Personal Writing and Resume skills.

Dispersal is small - it shows thrift. Capital letters, calligraphically written - indicate a lack of solid character and independence, a person subjected to the influence of other people. Fields - in the second half of the dictation, the left field is narrowed, indicating selfishness that comes to scum, self-control. The presence of loops in handwriting in the second half of the dictation indicates a hidden falsehood. The letter "O" is pale, calligraphically written, without strong pressure, indicates endurance, hard work, consistency. The closeness of this letter indicates the integrity of the individual, while the gaps in the upper left-hand side and the crossing point suggest that the author has many problems in the past and he complexes about their unrealized possibilities.

The last indirectly proves to us the letter "T" in the first and second attempts. Intelligence, which in the future did not develop to potential opportunities.