Male Extra

With age the sexual activities also have been noticed to deteriorate. Also infirmity impairs the sexual desires in adults, relationship needs such as closeness and sensuality remains. Aging leads to changes in sexual performance. Men are more likely to experience these changes than women. It is very difficult them to make an orgasm and usually need more direct stimulation to produce an erection.

It is most common that the persons at ages 65 to 80 have a severe problems getting or keeping erections. This problem increases with men over 80 years of age. The Male Extra help them to get a big and strong penis and to enjoy the sexual pleasure. It stimulates the blood flow towards the penis and ensures a complete and strong erection.


The Male Extra with the use of herbal pills to treat erectile dysfunction increase the expectations of older adults to have sex. As a matter of fact, physical health and fitness play a vital role in the sexual activity of the order people. The pills and patches ensure an increased blood flow towards the penis and then make an erection. It also stimulates the production of testosterone hormone in our body and enhance the over all health.  




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