The Hydromax X20 Hydromax is as powerful and efficient as all Hydromax products, but it has a more compact size (about 15% smaller than X30 and Hercules).
Like Hydromax X30 and Hydromax X40 (, this model uses the power of water to increase the size of the penis and improve the erection.
Attention! This pump is suitable for those who have a penis length in erection not more than 150 mm and a thickness of up to 40 mm.
Hydromax Hydromax X20, is a safe way to enlarge the penis at home!
Bathmate Hydromax is an improved version of the Hydrompum Bathmate Hercules:
- pump power increased by 35%
- the valve has been updated: a switch has been added for a quick discharge of water and fixing the vacuum
- additional convenience in measuring the penis
- the flask can be turned relative to the pump. The pump is absolutely safe, easy to use and effective
- it is conveniently attached to the base of the penis, without causing discomfort, and creates sufficient pressure for effective training, without requiring constant pumping.
Unlike other vacuum pumps, the water pump Bathmate uses the power of water, so it must be used in the bathroom or the shower. Thanks to the hydropump: - there is an increased flow of blood to the tissues of the inguinal region, the capillary bodies, as a result of which the length and diameter of the penis increases - the erection of the penis becomes more pronounced and prolonged - your penis will be stronger - with regular use, the penis increases. The more often you use Bathmate, the greater the result. On the bulb of the pump there is a special scale - with it the results will be even clearer. The pump is silent. The depth of the flask is 21.5 cm.