Quick Tips On Choosing A Superior Quality Mattress

Choosing the right mattress size is just as important as selecting the firmness. After all, what good is your blissfully cozy mattress if there’s not enough room for you and your partner?

As the old saying in carpentry goes, “Measure twice and cut once.” The same holds true when selecting a new bed frame and mattress combination. Ordering a sleep system without measuring the size of the room where it will be placed can have the same unfortunate consequences.

Imagine the frustration and disappointment of having purchased a new bed frame and mattress only to find out upon delivery that their sheer size overwhelms the bedroom, leaving little or no space for a nightstand, dresser, storage chest or other bedroom furniture and accessories. The same holds true for a bed that’s dwarfed by the room’s size, giving it an empty and uninviting feeling. Here are a few guidelines to avoid these all too common pitfalls by correctly matching the mattress and bed frame to the size of the room:

Twin Beds. Standard twin beds, which are suitable for average size adults and are also often used in children’s rooms, are 38” wide by 75” long. To leave adequate space for scattered toys, a small dresser and possibly a storage chest, the bedroom should be at least 7’ x 10’, or 70 square feet for a single twin bed or bunk bed set. The recommended size for two twin beds placed in the same room is 10’ x 10’.

Twin XL Beds. Twin XL beds typically measure 38” x 80”, and are used by still-growing children and some taller adults. Although they’re the same width, twin XL bed and mattress combinations are a full 5” longer than standard twins. The recommended minimum room size for a twin XL bedframe to fit comfortably is 7’ x 10’.

Full Size Beds. Sometimes also called double beds, full size mattresses measure 54” x 75”, which is a generous 16” wider than a standard or standard XL mattress. Full size beds have plenty of room for two smaller-bodied people to sleep comfortably, and are also a great choice for children who have outgrown their standard size twin beds. Full size beds require a room at least 10’ x 12’, or 120 square feet.

Full XL Beds. At 54” x 80”, full XL beds have an additional 5” of length for one or two taller sleepers who need the extra foot room, but don’t require the additional width of a queen bed. Although a full XL bed will fit in a 10’ x 12’ room, it may be a bit cramped. A 10’ x 16’ bedroom will leave plenty of space for walking around and adding furniture and accessories.

Queen Bed. Queens are 60” wide x 80” long, and are the most popular size bed sold today. There’s plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably, and they’re also a great choice for furnishing guest rooms. Although a queen bed and mattress combination will fit in a 10’ x 10’ room, a 10’ x 12’ or 10’ x 14’ space will give a feeling of openness and leave plenty of room for a dresser, nightstand or comfortable chair.

King Bed. At 76” x 80”, a king size bed is approximately the same size as two twin XL beds placed side by side. They’re perfect for couples who enjoy lots of personal sleeping space and want enough room for sprawling and stretching without disturbing his or her sleeping partner. A king bed will fit reasonably well in a 10’ x 12’ bedroom, although a 13’ x 13’ or larger room is recommended for an open, spacious feel.

California King Bed. California kings measure 72” x 84”, which is 4” narrower but also 4” longer than a standard king mattress and bedframe combination. Being wider than a queen bed, they’re ideal for cuddling. Couples with small children or pets who like to jump into bed with them especially appreciate a California king’s generous proportions. A 12’ x 12’ room will accommodate a California king, although 12’ x 14’ bedroom will leave enough space for walking around and adding furniture and accessories.

From standard twin beds to California king frames and mattresses, you’ll find the ideal combination at Sit ’n Sleep. Call us toll-free at 1-800-908-0354 or better yet, stop by one of our sleep centers conveniently located throughout Southern California. Our knowledgeable sleep consultants will be pleased to help you select a mattress that’s perfect for your bedroom, regardless of its size.

The right mattress size for you depends on a number of factors: how many people will sleep on it, how often it will be used, and the size of your bedroom. Personal preference remains a crucial consideration—how much living space you want or need in your bedroom largely depends on your idea of a comfortable room. However, there are physical constraints at play in this situation. So here are a few important considerations when deciding which mattress size is right for your bedroom.

1. Get the actual dimensions of your bedroom.

If you don’t know the dimensions of your bedroom, it’s time to break out a tape measure and get the length, width, and doorframe measurements. It’s also helpful to include dimensions of potential bed space. For example, define the length of the wall you’ll set your bed against. Take into account windows, doorframes, and built-ins that you can’t block, and don’t forget to note the clearance required for doors that swing into the room.

Many websites and apps will create a graphical model of your room if you input the dimensions. From there, you can add furniture, play around with layout and visualize space constraints. Our mattress size chart will give you all the measurements you need for twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king size mattresses.

2. Envision different bed sizes in your room.

mattress size chart gives you the exact dimensions of each mattress, from a twin to a California king. If you can, block off that space in your room (use whatever you have handy; painter’s tape is great, but four water bottles will do the trick).

Imagine what it’s like to get dressed, open your closet and perform any other activities that typically take place in your bedroom— like stretching, reading or getting ready for the day. Walk around. Do you feel cramped? Does it feel like the bed is swallowed in the space of the room? Getting perspective on the planned furniture in your actual bedroom will help you make a better mattress-size decision.

3. Consider the furniture you have now and purchases you’re planning in the near future.

If you’ve decided that a reading chair, a television console or a bigger dresser is a necessary addition to your bedroom, make sure to identify that space as well. If you’re planning a room in a new home, add your furniture dimensions to your room renderings.

If you’re working with a small space, you might be able to fit a king bed and a dresser against adjacent walls. But will you be able to stand in front of your dresser, open the drawers and put on a pair of pants? A few inches added to the width of a chest of drawers might require that you change you room layout. Keep future purchases in mind as you consider different mattress options.

4. Decide which is more important: a bigger bed or more living space.

If you really want a large bed, but tight living quarters take a king size mattress out of the equation, consider a California king. It’s typically four inches longer than a king but also four inches narrower.

Another way to reclaim living space in preparation for a larger mattress is to make the most of your closet and organize your storage space more efficiently. For example, you can put a chest of drawers inside a walk-in closet or better utilize under-the-bed space. People often go so far as to design a room around the bed size they want. Modern, minimalist furniture will create more living space and allow you to buy a bigger mattress.

Memorial Day Mattress Sales You Need To Know About

Memorial Day is a Great Time to Buy a Mattress
Memorial Day is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year and The Daily Dozers are here with the inside scoop: it’s also one of the best times to buy a new bed.

Not sure if you need a new mattress? If your mattress is more than eight years old, you always seem to feel too hot in bed or you can feel the coils when lying down, your mattress might be preventing you from getting your best night of sleep. It’s time to upgrade to a newer model and make this the summer that you start sleeping better.

So, before you head to that weekend cookout, plan to come by your nearest Mattress Firm location to take advantage of this once-a-year event.

Mattress Firm’s Memorial Day Sale

memorial day sales mattresses includes the following special offers:

Save up to $1,000 storewide
Receive up to a $300 credit good for any pillow, protector or frame when your purchase select mattress sets
Save up to $600 on Beautyrest World Class and Serta iSeries
Purchase Queen sets for as low as $179.99
Save up to $400 on adjustable bases + get up to two free pillows
Enjoy the Love Your Mattress Guarantee
Customers can make up to two exchanges within 120 days, with no restocking fees
Only $79.99 redelivery fee

There are a few times each year when mattress retailers roll out really steep discounts. And this upcoming holiday weekend just happens to be one of them. Shoppers can expect to see price cuts from a variety of sources. These include online retailers, department stores, and local shops. And both big brand names and trendy specialty brands will be on sale. In short, it’s a great time to go shopping for the bed of your dreams. Especially if you’ve been putting up with poor sleep all winter. You won’t want to miss out.

Decide on exactly what you’re looking for and find a few options that fit the bill. When sale time rolls around, all that’s left to do is shop around for the best price.