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Amazing collection of Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Mystic topaz is a pretty new gemstone that was first seen back in 1998. It was presented on Jewelry fair in Hong Kong. First jewelry pieces hitting stores were introduced a few years later when the process of creating those gemstones was perfected. For this purpose, natural colorless topaz stones are coated giving them interesting rainbow color effect. Because of this, mystic topaz is considered an enhanced gemstone.


Since its introduction to the customers, mystic topaz was a huge hit and to this day people buy this jewelry. It is prized for its beauty, nice cut, and shine. You may find every imaginable piece of jewelry created using this interesting stone. Great source and place where you may see much interesting jewelry are on my source page.


There are many different names describing this interesting gemstone. It is called fire topaz, mystic fire topaz, Alaska topaz, Caribbean topaz, Alaskan ice, rainbow topaz, etc. Considering that this gemstone is created using a coating method, other gemstones that are created using the same method can appear similar. In order to distinguish it from other stones, you need to know that it is a bit harder. Thanks to this, jewelry made from mystic topaz will last you longer and resist better every day wearing.

How You Should Use Healing Crystal Wand

In ancient times crystal wands were often used by healers, shamans and metaphysicians are healing tools. Some people even suggest that those wands were used in Atlantis by their healers. Nowadays, crystal healing wands are used as popular healing tools that can balance chakras, for emotional healing and also spiritual development.


You may find crystal wands in all possible shapes and sizes. Their positive vibrations have different effects on the person’s physical body, all chakras and aura. Also, you may use them for locating blockages, heal them and cleanse those blockages. Their main ability is to direct energy through their tip by focusing energy. More detailed information about using crystal wands can be found on AtPerrys website.


Crystal healing wands poses high energy; they are very powerful but pretty simple and easy to use. Before you start using it, you should spend some time and familiarize with it, knowing more about its energy and harmonize with your wand. This way you will align your energy with the wand. All that you need to do next is to hold it in your hand and meditate with it, feel its vibrations and place it on desired places on the body. There is no right or wrong for using it, just enjoy working with it keeping on your mind what its purpose is.


Over time, crystal wands lose their power. Moreover, they can collect negative energy so you should recharge them from time to time. In order to recharge your healing crystal wand, you should place it into the water to soak for 12 to 24 hours. Once that is done, place it on the sun for an hour. Last thing that should be done is to let it under the moonlight during the night. This way, your crystal wand will be recharged and ready for use.

Pink Crystals Often Found in Jewelry Stores

One of the most interesting and sought after color when it comes to colored gems is definitely pink. The biggest proof of this is the rise of their popularity during the past two decades. This is a soft color that is considered feminine but men often wear pink jewelry as well. Nowadays, pink stones are just as popular as red, blue and green crystals.


Since we may find tons of different stones in jewelry stores in this mesmerizing color, we will pay more attention here to most interesting, abundant and sought-after like diamonds, sapphires, tourmaline, topaz, spinel, quartz, zircon, garnet, and kunzite.


Pink diamonds are one of the rarest color varieties of the diamonds. They are exclusive and very prestigious gems. Best gems found today come from mines in Australia. Those crystals are sold at very high prices reaching almost 100.000 dollars per carat. Considering their price, not many people can afford them.


For people with not those deep pockets for purchasing pink diamonds but with the taste for special crystals, pink sapphires are a great substitution. In nature, those crystals are pretty rare and not that often found in nature but their price is not that high so everyone could afford it. They are most commonly purchased as engagement rings that are lustrous and will last for a long time.


One of the most interesting crystals that are often found in all jewelry stores is tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is definitely the most interesting variant for buyers that are pretty easy to find. When talking about price, it is pretty low and depends mostly on the color intensity where more expensive gems come with a deeper color. Those stones are often enhanced in order for their color to be more deep and vivid.


Topaz is a gemstone that is often found in jewelry stores. Pink topaz is considered as rare since it is not common in nature. Most of the pink stones found in stores are actually enhanced using a heat treating method that turns low-quality crystals into desirable ones. This doesn’t hurt stone itself, just should be mentioned so you know.


There are many interesting resources where you can learn more about colored gemstones. One of my best sources is AtPerrys website where you can read about all gemstone colors, their meaning, healing properties, and other interesting things. If you want to learn more about pink stones make sure to check this page:

Most interesting Purple Gemstones

Colored gemstones are popular since ancient times. During those early days, only kings, queens and extremely wealthy individuals were able to afford them. The situation is somewhat different today and colored gemstones are much more affordable now. Of course, all this depends also on what gemstone you would like to purchase. When talking solely about purple gemstones, even though they are not abundant in nature, you can find interesting crystals in jewelry stores. More useful information and varieties you can find on the following resource page.


As expected, the most interesting one with the highest price is a purple diamond. They are considered as most exclusive gemstones with the price that can reach even 100.000 dollars per carat. Very often people give their varieties names like lilac, grape, orchid describing their different hues. Considering their high price they are commonly bought by wealthy people and gemstone collectors.


Interesting substitution for them is purple sapphire. Even though this crystal is pretty uncommon in nature, we may find them at a much lower price compared to diamonds, roughly around 1000 dollars per carat. Purple sapphires are hard, very durable and come with high brilliance. This crystal is an amazing choice when it comes to engagement rings since it should last a lifetime without being damaged or cracked.


Another very popular crystal in jewelry stores is iolite. Maybe you have not heard about this gem but it is actually very popular due to its abundance. This highly brilliant stone can rival sapphires for its beauty without a problem. On a negative side, iolite is not highly durable and can be chipped or cracked if you strike it with force. Most interesting pieces of jewelry made from iolite are dangling earrings since its sparkling brilliance will stun everyone looking at it.


One very interesting crystal that is found in jewelry stores pretty often is purple jasper. It is more well known as a red gem but it actually comes also in purple shades. This is a mesmerizing stone that comes with patterns and inclusions that add character to every single gemstone. On the Mohs scale of hardness, Jasper has a score of 6.5-7 which is not that great but considering its compact nature, it will last for a long time with no special maintenance.


Most popular and often purchased purple crystal is amethyst. While in the past this stone was prized as much as a diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald, it is not that prize nowadays due to its abundance. Purple amethyst can be found in every imaginable shade. It is very durable and suitable for all types of jewelry as it will last for a long time. On a negative side, this crystal can fade over time if exposed to strong direct light. Since many gemstones can be enhanced, make sure to ask your jeweler that your gemstone is genuine.