Do the Cheated On Deserve It?

The cheater and the mistress are only partially to blame--the cheated plays a role too! Guest blogger, Alex Wise from Loveawake says if your man strays ... maybe it's your fault.

Maybe because it's happening more often, or maybe because it's discussed more these days--stories of women being cheated on are starting to pile up. But is the cheater the only person at fault? Although I, of course, feel that the cheater is both dishonest and disrespectful for commiting adultery, I cannot help but wonder how the "victim" contributed the situation. Would a man really cheat if he were truly happy? And is he the only one to blame if he's not? 

It is partially a partner's responsibility to notice--and then try to help--if her counterpart is unhappy. Or maybe she's the cause for his unhappiness in the first place. Of course, some men are just unfaithful jerks--but it's naive to think the only reason they cheat is to be evil. Sometimes they are looking for something that they are unable to find at home.

Marriages change mostly because the people in them do. Maybe the "victim" used to revolve her life around her man and now she has kids that take up most of her time. Maybe she is more demanding than she was when she first met her man. Maybe she was thinner and just let herself go. He really doesn't have control over who and what he's attracted to--it's nature. Maybe she's ignoring his needs--God knows it happens all the time.

Just sayin' ladies ... make an effort and maybe you won't end up crying in your pint of ice cream.

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