Why You Should Always Have Your Papers, Research, and Other Projects Reviewed

Whether you’re writing a paper for fun, work, or because of an assignment, there’s a lot of effort that goes into it. You have to come up with the topic or idea, do the research, get all of your thoughts out onto the paper, accurately record and cite the research that you’ve done, and organize everything into a cohesive, coherent document ready for publication. Before you present it to the board, publish it on your blog, or turn it in to your professor, though, you should always have it reviewed—preferably by a few different people with a few different points of view. While it may not be in your best interest to have a peer or experienced editor look it over, correct grammatical errors, and provide feedback for you is important. Here’s why:

They can catch grammar and spelling mistakes you’ve missed.

After spending hours and hours writing a paper, it’s hard to reset your brain and try to edit it yourself. Even if you’ve taken a break for a couple of hours and come back, you know what you have written, and your brain may automatically correct some of the spelling and grammar mistakes you may have made in the piece. Having another set of fresh eyes look over what you’ve written and check for those kinds of mistakes can ensure that everything is written and spelled as it should be. Accidentally misspelling something can paint you in an unflattering light.

They will be able to ask questions you need to answer in the piece.

Because you’ve done all of the research and spent all of the time necessary to put together what you’ve been working on, your brain can automatically fill in any holes and holds a lot of information about the subject you’ve written about. Someone else who doesn’t have all of that information, though, may have questions that your piece doesn’t answer, so having them read through it is important. As they read through, they can ask any questions they have to help bridge gaps and fill in holes and help you strengthen your paper before you publish it.

They will be able to help you with the wording.

Sometimes, as you write, it can be a struggle to transfer your ideas from the thoughts in your head to eloquent sentences written out on paper. You may have an idea and know how you want to convey it but may not be able to come up with the right words to convey it exactly how you want to. In those cases, having someone else read through and review your paper can be extremely helpful since they can give you an entirely different way to write a sentence so that it better fits, or help you come up with the right word that was on the tip of your tongue but that you just couldn’t remember.

They will be able to identify points of confusion.

Again, when you write a paper, you have all of the research collected in your head and have come up with all of the ideas you want to convey yet getting them out on paper is a whole other matter. As you write, you may assume that your readers will have all of the information they need to fill in any gaps, or that they will be able to make assumptions based on some of the other information you’ve provided earlier in your piece. Having someone else read through your paper, though, can help you identify any points where you weren’t clear enough or didn’t provide enough information so that you can go back and fill the information in to clear up any points of confusion.

They will be able to help you strengthen your point.

According to, when writing a paper, you are trying to get a point across, but it can sometimes be hard to get it across in a way that is as strong and as persuasive as you might like. After writing the first draft or two, having someone look over it gives you the opportunity to ask them how they might counter your argument or how they might strengthen what you’ve said. Once you have their feedback, you can then go back through and fortify your point and drive it home so that it’s as strong as it needs to be and comes across well.

They can ensure that the piece is consistent.

Consistency is key, but when you get caught up in writing, you might not consciously think about using the same tense throughout your entire paper, using complimentary verbs, or even being consistent with your format. Even if you go back through after the first draft and work on cleaning it all up, it’s easy to miss some of the details. Having at least one other person go through your paper to ensure that everything is consistent will help the piece flow better and make it more professional.

How many people do you usually have look over your work before you submit a final draft and grow your instagram following?


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