Students Are Different Now

I learned as a Secondary english teacher not to assign homework (I don't know who does it, so it's not a reliable measure of the student's ability to grade it) and not to grade classwork (ungraded classwork is an opportunity to make cost-free mistakes). I would tell my students: if you run and lift for an hour a day, five days a week, you'll get in pretty good shape in 180 days. If we don't waste class time, you won't need homework. I set an end of year goal and divided the course into two-week segments. I composed my own worksheets (American Math textbooks stink). Every day I gave students essaydune worksheet that looked like the unit quiz. Anyone who got 80% or better on the first week quiz got a library pass for the second week. I graded weekly quizzes and quarter finals.  


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Nursing coursework

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