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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In Germany

Doctors in Germany: more than comfortable salaries

The medical sector is among the 10 best paid in Germany. The lack of medical personnel and the accumulation of work undoubtedly contribute to this situation. Not in vain is the lack of doctors one of the most pressing problems that afflict the German labor market.
According to the German salary analysis institute Personal mark, a young doctor who has just started his professional career in Germany would come to collect a salary that would be around € 45,000 gross per year. On the other hand, a specialist doctor who performs his work in a hospital can reach an annual gross salary of € 85,000, while the head of a clinic would move around € 116,000; finally, a medical chief would charge the incredible figure of € 2,666.
In comparison, a hospital director can pocket € 156,000 gross per year. The consulting office * Kienbaum * has shown quite decisively that in Germany the experience and the number of years of exercise of the medical profession brings its results to the size of the salary: a service manager whose age moves between 35 and 40 years would receive a salary that would be around the gross € 169,000 per year, while a colleague who holds the same position and is between 55 and 60 years would get about € 260,000 gross.


Chemicals for the German industry: the experience is paid


The German chemical and pharmaceutical industry have always been - not without reason - associated with high salaries and salaries. The professionals of this industrial branch are also among the 10 best paid. According to the CRF Institute, a recently licensed chemist who is ready to enter the working world would receive in Germany a gross annual salary that would move between € 42,000 and € 45,000. In the event that the chemist in question was the holder of a doctor's degree - which in this labor domain is far from being an exception - the salaries of a beginner would start from a gross annual base salary of € 58,000. According to the Union of Workers of the German Chemical Industry A licensed worker with an experience equal to or greater than 15 years old and whose age moved around 45 could get a salary of about € 90,000 per year.
The salary of a German chemist increase by an average of € 3,000 per year from the fifth year of work experience. According to the magazine Business Week, the salary of a laboratory director would vary between 123,000 and 164,000 € gross per year in Germany.


Board of directors & directors of German companies: Exorbitant salaries


There is nothing surprising in the fact that the salaries of the directors and managers that make up the management of a company in Germany fluctuate depending on the volume of trade handled by the company in question. In Germany, the head of a company with a turnover of around 8 million euros earns an average salary of € 185,000 a year. If the company invoices between 25 and 50 million euros per year, the salary of its leaders can amount to € 234,000 gross per year. If the turnover of the company rises beyond 500 million annually, the remuneration of its leaders can amount to € 444,000 gross per month.
Some salaries can become exorbitant. So Martin Winterkorn, skipper of Volkswagen (VW), earned 9.3 million euros last year, which has propelled him to the head of the companies that make up the DAX.


Engineers in Germany: High demand is felt on wages


In fact, there is a high demand for engineers in Germany. According to a recent estimate drawn up by the German Engineers' Union, 72,000 jobs are still vacant. The results of the CRF institute show that engineers in Germany start their career earning between € 40,000 and € 44,000 gross per year. A qualified engineer in Germany earns an average of € 63,000 gross per year, while the salary of a head of the production can be raised to € 80,000 gross per year.
The salary of an engineer that is integrated into the management board will be considerably higher, reaching a gross annual turnover of € 105,000. A sales director can earn € 155,000 gross per annum; For its part, a factory director € 120,000, while a director in R & D moves between € 120,000 gross per year.


Bankers: the world of finance does not know the crisis in Germany


Of course, bankers and finance men are among the 10 highest paid in Germany. It is a job that requires experience in the sector. Despite the economic crisis, German bankers and financiers are the best paid in the world of finance. The bonuses are extremely high here. Their salaries can reach the beginning of their careers and even exceed € 150,000 gross per year. Certain positions of high responsibility are remunerated with more than € 300,000 gross per year.


IT Engineers: Candidates in high demand


Nowadays, companies tend to outsource their services. For this, they resort to IT engineers who carry out missions for a certain period of time. Some of these positions are highly responsible and very well paid.
According to the Kienbaum cabinet, an IT expert earns an average of € 64,000 gross per year. However, we are a few positions that are not so lucrative.
The gross annual salary of a project manager can be raised to € 67,000, that of a worker belonging to a superior table reaches € 110,000, and that of an IT director € 130,000, always in the case of middle-aged people up.
In the second position is the head of IT-Management with a remuneration close to € 120,000 gross per annum. In third position the head of development, with € 110,000 gross per year. The remuneration of SAP consultants is € 100 gross per year on average.


Jurists and lawyers: They get great benefits


The salary differences in the legal profession are very important. In Germany, 85% of graduates in law become lawyers, 5% judges and 10% work in companies. The best-paid lawyers in Germany are those who work in international cabinets. According to the union of lawyers, the salary of the debutants is in a salary range that goes from € 70,000 to € 100,000 gross per year. These salaries are usually accompanied by increases in the form of bonuses, which are derived from the returns.
Salaries can amount up to € 200,000 gross per year. The lawyers associated with the most prestigious cabinets have salaries close to € 700,000. In certain small or less prestigious cabinets, salaries may be between € 26,000 and € 80,000 gross per year.
According to the union of German judges, judges and lawyers are included in steps R1 and R2 of the law on public salaries. This means that in the best houses receive a minimum of € 5,500 gross per month, to which we must add family compensation and end-of-year premiums.
The other steps concern the federal judges and lawyers, with gross salaries that revolve around € 100,000, without bonuses or benefits.


Commercials and marketing experts get a good pinch


Among the top 10 of the highest paid in Germany are the commercials. Both marketing and sales are two work plots in which one can earn a living well enough. The domain of the distribution is especially interesting for those who do not have higher education. According to the Kienbaum cabinet, salaries vary between € 20,000 and € 200,000 gross per year. The best salaries are reserved for experienced sales people and senior marketing managers.
Those responsible and members of the works council have very high salaries, which range between € 50,000 and € 300,000 gross per year.


Politicians, they too


How could it be otherwise the German politicians are also among the 10 best paid in the country. By way of indication, it can be said that a Bundestag parliamentarian enters monthly € 7,700 per month throughout his term. In addition to this, parliamentarians enjoy fiscal immunity. Chancellor Angela Merkel receives around € 16,000 per month (married and without children), while ministers are around € 13,000 per month. In addition, they also enjoy, like the deputies, of wide fiscal benefits.


Counselors in cabinets and advice: great career opportunities


According to the German union, an experienced counselor can receive between € 35,000 and € 60,000 gross each month. For those who manage to remain within the structure of the company and obtain the associate category, great opportunities are offered, since salaries can rise to figures that move around 250,000 and 300,000 € gross per year.
As can be seen in this article, salaries in Germany are much higher than in Spain.

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