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Where can I apply payment systems

A payment system is a set of procedures and rules, as well as a technical infrastructure. All this together provides the possibility of cashless transfer of funds from one entity to another.

Simply put - payment systems are a way to pay for goods and services with a bank card and / or electronic money (cashless). The most common payment systems in Europe are Visa and MasterCard.

Today, electronic commerce is booming. For developed countries, buying something on the Internet has become a familiar and mundane affair. In our country, the number of business units that sell their products via the Internet is also constantly growing.

Almost all high-quality services use online payment systems. You can not only buy items but also provide yourself with rest and entertainment. For example, the site contains games that you can play using the Maestro system.

The development of technology allows us to perform an increasing variety of different actions. The ability to pay for anything from anywhere provides tremendous freedom.

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