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A major benefit from Extenze usage is increase in the size of your penis in regards to length and girth. Extenz works within the complex male system too not only awaken a sluggish libido, but it intensifies and enhances sexual sensations themselves. This combination of benefits makes sex more pleasurable, more satisfying, and longer lasting. This penis enlarger is the all-natural blend that really works, no other product compares to our standards enabling you to boost your sex life to levels you didn’t think were possible.

How does it work?

At first glance one might think Extenze results come from one long tube. In actuality your penis is made up of three separate chambers. The Two Biggest Chambers are referred to as “Corpora Cavernosa” and runs along the top portion of the male penis. The Smaller Chamber runs along the bottom of the penis and is called the “Corpos Spongiosm.” The two larger chambers play a more significant role in regards to achieving erection. The more blood to the “Corpora Cavernosa” the bigger the erection.