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5 Tips for Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

The secret in making effective PowerPoint presentations lie in knowing what you need at one given moment and not in what you can do. More than getting pre-made PowerPoint slides for modification and use, one needs to know how they will effectively communicate with their audience. Many software developments provide users with great features to create amazing content. However, the excellence in a presentation depends on how well one uses these amazing features to communicate. Excellence is not achieved by using all of them. Here are some tips to use in making an effective PowerPoint presentation:

1. Use a Good Font Type and Size

The audience will be seated some distance from the screen hence the need to use a font that they will be able to see clearly. It is important to ensure that the audience can see what is in the presentation. The smallest text should be at least 24pt. Fonts with serifs are not recommended for use in PowerPoint presentations. They may look good when close to the screen but will be a problem for someone seated 20 feet away. Again, creating unity with the presentation will require the use of not more than two types of fonts. All you can do is different between headers and titles and the body text with different font types.

2. Label your Content Appropriately

Make sure that all charts, tables, and graphs among other content are well-labeled to enhance understanding. This creates a big difference when making a presentation. In addition, they are not well-conversant with the content like you do and they will be expecting you to walk them through it. This is particularly crucial for all content presented in charts and tables. It would be desirable to label each one of them to enhance understanding from the audience.

3. Make the Backgrounds Consistent

A good presentation should enhance the content using backgrounds that do not detract from the flow in the presentation. Creating a swap between one or two backgrounds based on the information on the screen is always recommended. Once this is done consistently, it will be easy for anyone to know the kind of information shown since it is already defined via the correlation of background and the content. This harmony is important for enhancing attention and focus in the audience. It also gives clarity to the content on display.

4. Use Color Contrast Brilliantly

Once you are set on using specific types of colors and fonts in a presentation, your content should always be easy to read once the background images have been put in place. The color choice should in no way be close to each other thus creating difficulties for those reading at a distance. Check through the presentation and highlight areas that might be having issues and make necessary adjustments to contrast content colours hence make everything distinct and visible. At the end of it all, the entire presentation should be readable and easy to digest.

5. Include High-Quality Images

Visual content is your friend when making a presentation. Therefore you must make sure that any visual content used is of high-quality. Don’t rely on clip art to create visual content for your presentation. The manner in which the content is presented especially on its quality tells a lot. If the audience is struggling to understand what you have included as visual content, they will experience difficulties in understanding everything about your presentation. High-quality images will help you tell a great story that everyone will want to follow through. Poor images signify mediocrity and it is unlikely that most people will follow through such.

There are very many tools and features available in PowerPoint but knowing how to use them is the secret towards having an effective presentation. You don’t have to use everything on it but rather make sure there is a good combination of everything you choose for your presentation design. It all starts with the kind of slides you will choose and their colour as well. There has to be good contrast between the content and background of each slide. Visibility and good organization in the content will be vital in promoting success in your presentation. Make use of these tips to enhance your presentation effectiveness.

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