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Hello, Yury Petrovich. I am 22 years old, lost my virginity six months ago. I have already written to you a couple of times about the lack of erection during sexual intercourse with a girl. Here is one question. I read your answers several times to guys with a similar problem and you wrote the following "you can take Viagra several times - make sure that everything is fine with you." Sometimes I meet this wording in the consultations of your colleagues. Sometimes they also call it "VIAGRA-test". Actually the question is this: If the erection is strong and persistent with VIAGRA, does this mean that everything is fine with the body? Or I misunderstood you. I just have a strong erection with VIAGRA. Sometimes such that even after ejaculation the member continues to stand without falling until the end at all. The prostate was tested using TRUS, analysis of prostate secretion and bakposevoy ejaculate. Inflammation was not found, but there were bacteria in bakposeve. Already there is no, killed a course of antibiotics, that is healthy on idea. Hormone tests are normal, the value is above average (testosterone 20 nmol / l), and I apply tests. I checked everything except the vessels of the IF, but there are no misfires with the VIAGRA. With the girl, everything went wrong the first time, when a member did not stand up, then even manual stimulation did not help, now I don’t want to try without VIAGRA, as it was never possible to achieve an independent persistent erection. So I want to know what my situation is saying with the use of Viagra? And what is a VIAGRA test? thank and checkout

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