penis enlargement pills

One of the most famous assertions related to penis enlargement pills, is that masturbation is one of the most common causes for this issue, however this assertion is very far from truth. There is no linear relation between masturbation and penis enlargement pills. The confusion can be due to bad habits generated when the individual was starting to know his sexuality through masturbation. Generally, teenagers begin their sexual experiences through masturbation, at this age hormones are at their maximum expression, therefore young men stimulate themselves really fast. The ejaculation is a reflex action which is generated and acquires characteristics according the learning process of the individual.

If an individual always had fast orgasms due to anxiety during masturbation, it is possible that this learning process has generated a bad habit, which is derived ion less time for achieving the climax.

Myth: masturbation is the most frequent cause for penis enlargement pills.

Truth: wrong learning process originated by an inadequate practice of the masturbation can lead to penis enlargement pills.

Drugs as a remedy for penis enlargement pills

This assertion is supported by a lot of people although it is not a valid option. It is true that some drugs like cocaine and marijuana have as a secondary effect the delay of the moment of ejaculation, since they delay the response to all types of reflexes. Since ejaculation is also a reflex it is affected like the rest of them by the intake of drugs. However, if these drugs are constantly ingested they can cause at long terms sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction and the loss of sexual desire. It is not recommended in any circumstance the intake of drugs to delay the ejaculation.

Myth: marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are a good remedy for penis enlargement pills.

Truth: these drugs will only produce other types of sexual dysfunction in time.

Penis enlargement pills as a consequence of infertility

The reality is that there is no relation between infertility and penis enlargement pills; on the contrary, these disorders are independent from each other. It isn’t clear the source for this assertion.

Myth: penis enlargement pills is a consequence of infertility.

Truth: these disorders are not related.

Antidepressants are a useful aid for penis enlargement pills

This assertion is true but it is not the ideal treatment, since the compounds included on the formula of the antidepressants can produce side effects at long terms if they are constantly employed to delay ejaculation. There are effective treatments for this condition which will not lead to negative consequences since they are specifically formulated to treat male sexual dysfunctions. The most effective natural treatment for penis enlargement pills and a variety of male sexual disorders such as the lack of desire and erectile dysfunction is Penis enlargement pills, its formula based on natural herbal ingredients has been designed to treat male sexual disorders in a natural way.