Best Testosterone Boosters

Hi i found your page a little late. But after a bit of research i bought booster and Triazole. Have you ever tried this combination? I guess it is similiar to DAA/Erase but i am hoping more effective because of the added vit D in D-pol. What are your thoughts. Also my Testosterone is low (tested) Obviously when i am on the cycle it should hopefully rise but once off will there be any lingering benifits or will it just go back to what it was pre cycle. Hello again John, It’s easiest to simply start Triazole and booster at the same time. As for cortisol, Relora is a pretty good supplement that I have used before at a nice price point. The dosage on the label (600 mg to 900mg/day) should do you fine. It is more a cortisol regulator than an anti-cortisol like phosphatidyl serine (PS) or Erase, but that regulation will still give you some good mood effects, improved sleep and may help prevent any stress related weight gain. Besides, PS is very expensive at the dose you would need to take. You can also try ErgoBolic, which I’ve heard good things about, but I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak for it personally.