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How You Should Use Healing Crystal Wand

In ancient times crystal wands were often used by healers, shamans and metaphysicians are healing tools. Some people even suggest that those wands were used in Atlantis by their healers. Nowadays, crystal healing wands are used as popular healing tools that can balance chakras, for emotional healing and also spiritual development.


You may find crystal wands in all possible shapes and sizes. Their positive vibrations have different effects on the person’s physical body, all chakras and aura. Also, you may use them for locating blockages, heal them and cleanse those blockages. Their main ability is to direct energy through their tip by focusing energy. More detailed information about using crystal wands can be found on AtPerrys website.


Crystal healing wands poses high energy; they are very powerful but pretty simple and easy to use. Before you start using it, you should spend some time and familiarize with it, knowing more about its energy and harmonize with your wand. This way you will align your energy with the wand. All that you need to do next is to hold it in your hand and meditate with it, feel its vibrations and place it on desired places on the body. There is no right or wrong for using it, just enjoy working with it keeping on your mind what its purpose is.


Over time, crystal wands lose their power. Moreover, they can collect negative energy so you should recharge them from time to time. In order to recharge your healing crystal wand, you should place it into the water to soak for 12 to 24 hours. Once that is done, place it on the sun for an hour. Last thing that should be done is to let it under the moonlight during the night. This way, your crystal wand will be recharged and ready for use.

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