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Amazing collection of Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Mystic topaz is a pretty new gemstone that was first seen back in 1998. It was presented on Jewelry fair in Hong Kong. First jewelry pieces hitting stores were introduced a few years later when the process of creating those gemstones was perfected. For this purpose, natural colorless topaz stones are coated giving them interesting rainbow color effect. Because of this, mystic topaz is considered an enhanced gemstone.


Since its introduction to the customers, mystic topaz was a huge hit and to this day people buy this jewelry. It is prized for its beauty, nice cut, and shine. You may find every imaginable piece of jewelry created using this interesting stone. Great source and place where you may see much interesting jewelry are on my source page.


There are many different names describing this interesting gemstone. It is called fire topaz, mystic fire topaz, Alaska topaz, Caribbean topaz, Alaskan ice, rainbow topaz, etc. Considering that this gemstone is created using a coating method, other gemstones that are created using the same method can appear similar. In order to distinguish it from other stones, you need to know that it is a bit harder. Thanks to this, jewelry made from mystic topaz will last you longer and resist better every day wearing.

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