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Information for Diverticulitis

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Diverticulitis defined is a common disease of the bowel, in particular the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, which involves the formation of pouches (diverticula) on the outside of the colon.  Diverticulitis results if one of these diverticula becomes inflamed.

Explained: Many people have small pouches in their colons that bulge outward through weak spots, like an inner tube that pokes through weak places in a tire.  Each pouch is called a diverticulum.  Pouches (plural) are called diverticula.  The condition of having diverticula is called diverticulosis.  About 10 percent of Americans over the age of 40 have diverticulosis.  The condition becomes more common as people age. About half of all people over the age of 60 have diverticulosis.


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