Must See 10 Top Places Outside of Munich City for Students


The capital of Bavaria, Munich city is located in Germany, Worldwide, the city is known for Oktoberfest, the annual Oktoberfest, which begins every year on the penultimate Saturday in September. This is the third largest city in Germany by population after Berlin and Hamburg. It is the capital state of Bavaria and the district of Upper Bavaria. The city is famous for its traditional Oktoberfest which takes place every year from late September to early October. Which is the second tourist destination of Germany after Berlin.

Munich looks like a big village. Enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere to practice your German with locals. The alpine landscapes that surround the city and the surf spots of the Isar, in the heart of Munich, will make your happiness! Discover also the Olympic Park, where were held the 1972 Olympic Games. Visit beer breweries, with tasting reserved for students! Here are 10 lists of all the sights of the city which are full of cycle paths to travel in peace.

1. Discover the Olympic Park

This park is a vast complex that was laid out for the 1972 Olympics and is recognizable in the distance thanks to its tower for the 290-meter-high TV. Ability to go to its summit to enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Alps.

2. Marienplatz (Marie's Square)

This is the historic heart of Munich: many buildings and monuments are concentrated here and it is often the meeting place for all Munichers. The Marienplatz square is recognizable thanks to the imposing Town Hall and its neo-Gothic style. And what about his carillon that sounds several times a day and that will certainly captivate you?

3. The Notre-Dame Cathedral (Frauenkirche)

Nothing to do with that of Paris, this cathedral is yet a place to see. Recognizable with its bulb-shaped domes, it is found by taking the street Weinstrasse . While walking along this street, you will also have the opportunity to discover the Theatine church with its typical rococo facade. Do not miss to see the Teufelstritt in the cathedral. The legend says that the devil himself entered this church and can not be seen (he thought so), he thought he could do what he wanted. But a ray of sunshine entered through one of the windows and burned it, leaving a footprint on the floor.

4. The food market (Viktualienmarkt)

It is surely the largest food market in Munich, it exists since the beginning of the 19th century. Note that there is a large garden called beer garden (beer garden) which offers you the opportunity to enjoy quietly the atmosphere.

5. Taste beers in the Hofbräuhaus brewery

This is Munich's 'tavern', the place to go for beer and the best sausage in the city. You will be welcomed in a large room (which can hold 1000 people) with a singular ceiling.

6. The famous Nymphenburg Castle

Schloss Nymphenburg , literally the "Nymph's Castle", is the summer residence of the Wittelsbach family. Allow at least half a day to stroll through this fantastic and gigantic Baroque building. An architecture mixing rococo, neo-classical and baroque; you will discover a gallery of beauty, a Chinese cabinet, a garden remodeled in English.

7. The Lenbach Villa (Lenbachhaus Museum)

For all art lovers, this is the municipal art gallery and it owes its international fame thanks to its formidable collection of works of art which belonged to the artistic current called "The blue horseman", establishing the bases what we today call abstract art. You will discover majestic and relevant works of Kandinsky of course but also of Klee or Macke.

8. The Konigsplatz

It is a vast esplanade which is surrounded by 3 very important buildings, including 2 museums sheltering royal collections of antiquity. This square was created by the architect von Klenz. This square is known for its concentration of museums but it also marks the entrance to the most beautiful districts of the city of Munich. A magical place, sumptuous, somewhat bourgeois and pleasant to visit.

9. The district of Maxvorstadt

Located to the north of the old town, this district (which takes its name from Maximilian of Bavaria) will suit all lovers of beautiful and old books. It is the neighborhood bookstores but also clothes, cafes and quaint restaurants. Impossible to miss this atmosphere so Munich!

10. Bavaria Film Studios (Bavaria Film)

Maybe you do not know, but Munich was also one of the most important film studios in Europe. Today, there are still some TV series, but many prestigious directors like Hitchcock, Orson Welles and actresses like Romy Schneider have often stepped on his soil.

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