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1/21/2020 10:50:57 AM

Every year, poker is becoming an increasingly popular sport. But no matter what the “athletes” say, this game still remains a gamble for money, which your man can get carried away with. Gambling addiction Many psychotherapists call gambling addiction the least curable. Even drug addiction will be easier to get rid of, because drugs cause damage to […]

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1/20/2020 1:58:08 PM

We have all either met, known, or been the girl who has invested way too much time in the guy she is with, all in the hopes that he will deliver the ring. She is the girl who consumes an entire bag of chips or cookies after each holiday or birthday when said diamond is not produced […]

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1/20/2020 1:52:51 PM

During my undergraduate years I traveled to Florence with my college’s Study Abroad program. When I first saw the flier for the program, I instantly knew I had to take the chance to travel and study art and poetry in Italy. My best friend from the university’s film program signed up to go with me. […]

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1/20/2020 1:47:37 PM

“I love you…but I love me more.” Besides doing Sex & the City trivia, how many times have you used that line in real life? It’s what happens when someone, other than Samantha Jones, realizes that she’s gotten herself in way too deep. It’s when it suddenly dawns on you that you’ve gotten yourself into a relationship that […]

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1/20/2020 12:11:41 PM

Getting wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life is easy. What is not easy is finding your voice, passion and direction amongst thousands of bombarding influences each day. When life becomes too hard to decipher, typical results are profound confusion, feeling lost, and desperately reaching for direction. That is where I found […]

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1/20/2020 11:52:53 AM

I’m a singer/songwriter and a couple years ago I was in the middle of a very heavy touring schedule. I had just gotten home from a run of shows and had to leave town again the next day. Tired, trying to unpack/repack, and catch up on emails, I was talking with my boyfriend on the […]

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1/20/2020 11:38:26 AM

“I am never drinking again.” Whether said in jest or absolute seriousness, this sentiment is an all too common part of Saturday, Sunday … and often Monday mornings. And it should be noted this sentiment is almost always delivered in the morning and not while actually drinking. Because no matter how bad things get (arguments, […]

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