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SARMs Side Effects And Benefits

The Human Growth Hormone has been claimed to help you to burn fat, to build muscle mass and even to slow down the aging process. HGH is a hormone that the body produces naturally, but it has also become popular in the weight loss market, in the fitness world, and anti-aging treatments. Does it work? Find Out More About SARMs - 

What Is HGH?

The body produces this hormone naturally in the pituitary gland, near the base of your brain. The hormone is involved in the reproduction of cells and physical growth in children and young people. The hormone is also involved in muscle and bone growth, in the metabolism of sugar and fats, in the maintenance and regulation of body composition and body fluids, and some other body functions. People who have deficiencies in this hormone often have more fat and less muscle tissue, as well as lower bone density.

The hormone is also produced synthetically in laboratories, and the synthetic version is usually taken in injections. People who have deficiencies in hormone production are sometimes prescribed synthetic hormone injections. These injections are used to increase muscle mass and bone density, to decrease body fat and to boost exercise capacity.

Body Building and Anti Aging Using HGH And Sarms

Human growth hormone can help to increase muscle mass and to reduce body fat. Bodybuilders sometimes use it together with anabolic steroids and other similar drugs to boost performance and to build up muscle. However, there are limited studies on its effects on healthy adults who do not have any deficiencies.

Synthetic HGH also has a reputation for slowing down the aging process. When you are young, the body needs this vital hormone for childhood growth, and the hormone also helps to maintain many organs and tissues during adult life. When you age, the pituitary gland produces less and fewer growth hormones. Some signs of aging include decreased bone and muscle mass, and it has been thought that HGH can help to delay these signs of the aging process.

There are many HGH sprays and pills on the market that claim to reduce fat, slow down the natural aging process, increase your energy levels, and to boost the immune system. However, pills and sprays containing HGH are not as effective as injections. Side effects include joint, muscle and nerve pain, swelling in the arms and the legs, and tingling and numbness of the skin.