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Vouchers for students while on a trip in Germany

Sentonhill offers regular student exchanges with German universities. That's a great opportunity and everyone should join it, if ever possible.


The main problem for a lot of students is the lack of money. So here are some possibilities, to safe money while in Germany:


The best thing you can do before you travel to Germany, is to check flights coupons. I recommend, because they offer a lot of coupons for intercontinental-flights. Also have a look at the Flyertalk Forum to get the best flight deals.


When you arrive in Germany, there are a lot of Couponsites and Dealpages.

For students there's one can recommend, because I saved a lot of money with a 200 Euro Lenovo ThinkPad eCoupon  from that site, because my laptop was broken and I needed a new one.

They also have good vouchers for rental car and even restaurants and event coupons are listed there.


Another opportunity to save your money, is to use Airbnb instead of a motel, because in large cities in Germeny you have to pay a lot for motels compared to United States.


As a student, it's not too bad to save some dimes. So keep the money together!