Furniture Storage to Self-Storage

A move is ready! Behind this milestone lies a host of things to know and plan for everything to happen in the best conditions. Whether it's hiring professionals, arranging your own move or choosing self-storage Tempe, here's our tips and tricks toolbox.

If professionals save time and effort, it is also possible and more economical to carry out the operation by its own means. And if you have the green fiber, some tips will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Professional movers: Price Differences

If you use professional movers:

  • The first thing to do when preparing for a move is to calculate the volume to be moved;
  • Choose, if possible, a date outside the summer period when rates are significantly higher;
  • It is important to have several detailed quotes as the prices and the benefits vary a lot.


Make a Successful Move

If you are moving on your own:

  • Start by determining the volume in order to know the amount of packaging cartons to provide for each piece and the capacity of the vehicle you will rent;
  • Take measurements of the larger furniture to ensure that they can go through a lift, a cage staircase, p framerate, etc.
  • Make a good evaluation of the route that is the most economical in terms of time and fatigue, especially for the heaviest and most-bulky pieces of furniture;
  • Remember to warn your neighbors and especially your future neighbors!


A Touch of Ecology in Your Move

If you want to make an ecological move:

  • Do a preliminary sort: sell, give away or store in furniture storage furniture and objects that you do not intend to install in your new home;
  • When packing your goods, prefer newsprint, recycled cardboard and organic garbage bags degradable;
  • Try to choose a vehicle large enough to limit the number of round trips;
  • If you are moving a long distance, consider commercial vehicle rental services that offer one-way packages that save you from having to bring the vehicle back to the originating agency. You will save on rental, gas and toll.

Self-Storage and Furniture Storage

The self-storage differs from the storage cabinet because it offers a lot of flexibility with free and unlimited access to your box. The use of this solution may be wise when you want to sell a property and free it of anything that can encumber and affect the development of the space.

Special Tips Self-Storage

Before choosing his self-storage:

  • Opt for a per-payment covering all or part of the storage period, which will allow you to negotiate a rebate;
  • Ask about exit fees. They are not systematic and must, in all cases, be stipulated in the contract;
  • Read carefully the clauses of the contract;
  • It is essential to insure against theft. You can opt for the insurance offered by the provider or insure yourself;
  • If you are storing valuable or fragile goods, check the storage conditions: ventilation, fire protection systems, access control, presence of a CCTV system or on-site guarding.