Simmons Mattress Review

Simmons mattress are one of the leading brands in the mattress world today. They are one of the few brands that are able to claim excellence, comfort, affordability, range and customer comfort all at once.

Their years of experience providing customers with a good night’s rest have only added to their impressive resume. Simmons understands the importance of product quality and customer satisfaction. That is why they aim to produce the best mattresses in the market without sacrificing quality for affordability.

Consumer Feedback

One of the biggest problems that consumers had about the Simmon classic spring mattress is the “Wave” effect.

It means that you will feel every tiny move that your partner makes on the other side of the bed. This unwarranted effect has resulted in many sleepless nights. Simmons has made that a thing of the past. Their products are now made with a Special Spring System.

Now, you can get uninterrupted sleep no matter how much and how often your partner moves on their side of the bed. Simmons mattresses are also equipped with a special coil system that frees the sleeper form any back pain. The springs are created so that it gently caters to the curves of the body – giving support where it is most needed.

Another great thing about Simmons mattresses is that they promise to be virtually lumping and rut free. With their patented “Evenloft Design”, the company ensures that the surface of their products is as smooth as it possibly can. This feature is perfect for those people who suffer from aches and pains due to lumpy mattresses.


Another great product from Simmons is the Luxaire. The Luxaire is perfect for couples. The mattress is made so that each side is individually constructed. It means that you won’t be feeling any of your partner’s movements on their side of the bed. Simmons mattress have also taken into consideration the fame of Memory Foam.

They are now able to offer their loyal customers their very own Memory Foam mattress called the “ComfortPedic”. It has all the features that have attracted users to the Memory Foam plus the name and quality of the Simmons’ name to back it.

Over the years that they have been churning out top quality mattresses, Simmons has managed to garner a following of loyal customers across every demographic. Most customers say that they will never use any mattress brand other than Simmons. Of course, there are those who are dissatisfied with their Simmons’ experience. Customers have reported bed sagging and wearing.

All complaints brought to any Simmons Mattresses personnel have always been dealt with the utmost care and reason; taking that into consideration – Simmons Mattresses get a score of 4 out of a possible 5.

Summary Reviews

You can take a look at more Simmons mattress reviews before you shortlist which mattress to purchase at

But overall, Simmons has prove itself to be one of the highest quality products in the bedding market. They are known for their unending quest to provide their customers with an undisturbed good night’s sleep. They are also known for their affordable prices, making them one of the country’s top choices when it comes to bedding.