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Make Love Session More Passionate with These 6 Songs

The music of these songs also makes the body more relaxed

Music can actually increase sex drive, you know Moms. A study shows that the presence of music has a big influence on impressing couples in bed.

Neuroscientist from London University, Dr Daniel Mullensiefen, found that music is just as important as how a partner feels and smells.

Dari survei yang dilakukan dr Mullensiefen, sebanyak 40 persen peserta survei mengaku bahwa mendengarkan musik lebih membangkitkan gairah dibandingkan sentuhan saat berhubungan seks.

“Penelitian baru ini menunjukkan bahwa mendengar musik sama pentingnya dengan sensasi lain seperti suara, sentuhan, dan aroma,” kata dr Mullensiefen.

Musik-musik penggugah gairah seks juga bisa didapatkan dari lagu-lagu. mengeluarkan playlist lagu-lagu seks. Apa saja? Cari tahu yuk!

Pillowtalk – Zayn

Pillowtalk, sung by former One Direction personnel, has lyrics that are full of sex meaning.

In the lyrics, Zayn expresses wanting to have sex and love and spend all day with his partner.

Despacito – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber

The song Despacito has erotic lyrics about sexual intercourse although it doesn’t literally use erotic words.

Although the story is about sexual relations, Luis Fonsi, who composed the song, wanted to sing it romantically.

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I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn ft Taylor Swift

The song I Don’t Wanna Live Forever tells about someone who doesn’t want to be left by his lover.

He hoped that his lover would come again, because of that, he was always waiting for his lover.

Earned It – The Weeknd

Moms certainly know the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. Well, Earned It is one of the film’s soundtracks.

Similar to the film which presents an erotic story, this song is also intended to build an erotic feel. Very fitting to accompany Moms make love.

Side to Side – Ariana Grande ft Nicky Minaj

Side to Side tells the story of a girl who is attracted to a guy at the gym. The two then engage in a deeper relationship.

This song tells the story of sex that ends in pain because it is done too harshly.

Naughty Girl – Beyonce

The song Naughty Girl, both the lyrics and the music are very thick with a touch of sexy and sensual.

The way Beyonce brings it with a little sigh plus music with sensual Arabic elements adds to the sex of the song.

Slumber Party – Britney Spears ft Tinashe

The song Slumber Party tells the story of a couple who stay together at the house of one of them.

The two young people who were intoxicated with romance were spending time together like they were having a slumber party, another term for a pajamas party.

Those are some songs that can make sex sessions more passionate. Which song excites you the most?

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