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Indonesia has many talented musicians with extraordinary works. Some of the works of Indonesian musicians have been able to penetrate the international scene.

The presence of social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok helps musicians in Indonesia to make their work more widely known than only domestically. Here are some songs by Indonesian musicians whose popularity has reached overseas.

1.To the Bone – Ultimate

To the Bone was viral on TikTok until it managed to bring Pamungkas famous to foreign countries. After the song has been on the Indonesian Top 50 charts for seven consecutive weeks, this song has consistently climbed to the Spotify Global Top 50. This song has also been covered by many foreign musicians.

2. I Love You 3000 – Stephanie Poetri

I Love You 3000 became a song that was able to provide popularity for Stephanie Poetri as a newcomer singer. Besides being included in the list of Top Hits songs in Indonesia, this song is also viral in Thailand to Taiwan.

After joining the American music label 88rising, Stephanie released a duet version of the song I Love You 3000 with Jackson Wang, a member of GOT7. Not until two weeks of release, the duet of the two officially sits at the top of Billboard China.

3.Lathi – Weird Genius

The Weird Genius group, which involved three musicians, namely Eka Gustiwana, Gerard Liu, and Reza Arap, succeeded in bringing Indonesia's name to the international scene through their songs.

Many have re-sung this song, and so far Lathi's song has been viewed more than 128 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded in March 2020.

4. Extraordinary Love – Andmesh

NCT 127 personnel, Doyoung and Haechan, gave a surprise in 2019. Both of them are fluent in singing the Indonesian song, Cinta Extraordinary, sung by Andmesh.

In the video uploaded on the NCT Music YouTube channel, the two of them sing the song with full appreciation. After the song was uploaded, a number of hashtags related to NCT became a trending topic on Twitter. Also read: 6 Korean Drama Actors Most Make Baper in 2022

5. Terlanjur Love – Tiara Andini

Super Junior's personnel, Ryeowook, sang the song Terlanjur Mencinta with fluent pronunciation and good appreciation.

6. Flirty – X-Type

This one is from a ska band from the 1990s, namely Type-X, which became famous through the song Genit which was released in 1999. Unexpectedly, this song was popular among young Japanese people, until a video circulated showing a band singing this song a lot. the audience dancing together.

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And now you're ready to reminisce with old pop songs.