Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Eureka 96 B Quick up Upright Cordless stick vacuum is extremely reasonably priced and does a great job at cleaning floors without the annoyance of a cord to trip you up while you are using it.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner is designed specifically to pick up dirt from bare floors or carpets. With both surfaces the cleaner works particularly well. The vacuum is bagless and includes a dust cup for easy collection of dust and dirt.

When the cup is full up it is simple to release the dirt contained and get rid of it. As the stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight you can push it around any room with no problems at all. The brush is driven by a motor that sends dirt particles into the path of the suction.

There are a number of stick vacuum reviews for this product that are very positive. Many of those customers found the cleaner to be fantastic for cleaning carpets or bare floors alike.

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Eureka 96 B Quick Up Features and Specifications

- This stick vacuum cleaner is cordless with a rechargeable battery
- Has tremendous power with double-motor
- Features revolving brush, system that filtrates clean air, and a dust cup that can easily be emptied
- Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

There are a large number of positive reviews for this product. Most of the customers who left positive reviews felt it is one of the best stick vacuum cleaners around. One of the aspects that customers enjoyed was how light the product is. It is easy to move around the room due to that fact. Other customers found that the vacuum cleaner held on to its charge for long enough to get everything that was needed done. Additionally, the unit slides on and off the holder that recharges it with ease.

Customers also found that it was very simple to switch between settings whereby you can either clean the bare floor or a carpet. Whichever you choose, it works equally well on either. The power of this stick vacuum cleaner is fantastic, review at said that with the help of the double motor it contains. Another pleasing factor for many was that the cleaner is cordless, meaning you do not have to worry about cords getting in your way and tripping you up. The dust cup makes things very easily when you want to empty out the dirt you have collected. You can empty this out and then start again.

Unfortunately some customers found this item was only good for them when used for a short period of time. For these customers they found that the charge only lasts about 15 minutes at most which is no good for cleaning larger areas. In addition some customers found that this product simply does not have the suction power that they expected.