The finished build will contain the water used to grow the marijuana plants and supply the roots nutrients and vitamins for optimum growth.

However, as in the case of many other sports supplements and drugs, the results of the research are contradictory. In other experiments in which similar doses were used, no effect was observed 22-24.
Therefore, in fact, the effectiveness of DHEA in increasing testosterone levels is not clear.
Nevertheless, it is indicative that WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) prohibits the use of DHEA in professional sports 25. Indirectly, this emphasizes its effectiveness .. or the risk of harm to health.
Similar to other testosterone preparations, DHEA may be useful for those with low levels of the hormone DHEA or testosterone.
Although DHEA is one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market, research on its effectiveness is mixed. The recommended dose of 100 mg per day seems safe and effective .. for those who have lowered the production of testosterone and DHEA
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7 Zinc
Known as an aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac - food, drink, medicine that stimulates sexual desire), zinc is an important mineral that is involved in more than 100 chemical reactions in the body.
Like vitamin D, the level of zinc in the body is closely related to the level of testosterone 26.
Important: Studies suggest that restricting zinc intake lowers testosterone levels in healthy men, and its use in a zinc deficiency state leads to an increase in testosterone levels.
When studying the effect of zinc on two groups of infertile men with low and normal testosterone levels, a significant increase in testosterone, as well as sperm quality, in the first group was found. Advantages for men from the second group (with a normal level of testosterone) were not noted when using zinc. 27
In an experiment involving professional wrestlers during a 4-week course of intensive training, it was shown that daily intake of zinc interferes with the natural decrease in testosterone in strength training.
On the basis of scientific studies, we can conclude: zinc is an effective booster of testosterone for those who have a low level of it or who are in a state of zinc deficiency. Additional zinc intake is also useful for accelerating recovery after intense heavy workouts 29, 30.
Zinc is an effective testosterone booster for those who have a low level of testosterone. Additional zinc intake is useful in heavy intensive training to accelerate recovery
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8 Ashwagandha
Ashwaganda is another plant that was used in ancient Indian medicine 31. It is used mainly as an adaptogen - a remedy for fighting stress and anxiety 32.
In one experiment, the researchers tested the use of ashwagandha for the quality of sperm in infertile men who took it at 5 grams per day for three months. In men, this study showed an increase in testosterone levels of 10-22%. In addition, 14% of the partners became pregnant partners 33.
Another study confirms that ashwagandha increases physical performance in exercise, muscle strength and increases fat burning, and also significantly increases testosterone levels 34.
Ashwagandha, like a testosterone booster, is useful for increased stress, perhaps by lowering the stress hormone cortisol.
Scientific research confirms the effectiveness of Ashwagandy as a natural booster of testosterone, as well as in improving sexual function and body composition (fat burning)
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Testosterone plays a huge role in the body, providing not only muscle growth, but also a huge number of other reactions necessary for the health of the body.
With age, his level is steadily falling.
Today in the sports nutrition market there are hundreds of drugs to increase the level of testosterone - the so-called boosters. But the effectiveness of only a few of them is confirmed by scientific research. Most of them have low efficiency and then, more often, only in people with a violation of sexual function or natural low testosterone.
Many drugs for increasing testosterone can be theoretically useful for athletes and bodybuilders, in particular, because physical activity leads to a decrease in the level

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