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Methods of stretching or lengthening a penis in Germany

Germany is one of the leading countries where the penis is lengthened. To date, there are two methods of increasing the sexual organ - conservative methods and surgical intervention. So, to stretch the penis conservatively, all kinds of adaptations can be used. A significant disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is the length of the procedures. Every day a man has to wear a device for a couple of hours during six months.


From the choice of the drug method of penis enlargement should be discarded, since there is no scientific confirmation of their effectiveness, but they can cause serious damage to health.


The most effective way to increase the size of a penis in length is surgical intervention. German surgeons with precision jewelry make a cut in the so-called suspender ligament of the penis. At the same time, attention is paid to the absence of aesthetic defects in the area of ​​dissection of the skin, the plastic of the pubic region is used.


Surgical way to increase the male penis

The process of stretching a penis in German clinics is done on an outpatient basis. Surgical intervention is performed under general or local anesthesia. The inner elongated part of the penis reaches three centimeters. During the operation, the patient does not experience any painful sensations and pains, the procedure lasts about an hour.


As a rule, a patient can go home on the day of surgery and return to a normal rhythm of life in three days. Within six months, the patient is recommended to wear special pulling devices.


After surgery, the patient may experience pain in the seam area or discomfort. Traditionally, the doctor prescribes pain medications to the patient, which help to relieve pain in the postoperative period. In the first two weeks, the patient may have redness, inflammation and bruising, the doctor additionally prescribes drugs that remove such manifestations.


Already during the first months and up to six months, the patient observes a significant lengthening of the penis. Both at rest and in the erect state, the penis increases to 3-5 centimeters. Increasing the thickness of the penis is achieved by injecting the patient's own fat or silicone. The result of increasing the thickness is immediately apparent. In Germany, the patient has every chance to increase the penis without side effects.