She's Out Of My League?

Which might be why I love the movie She's Out Of My League so much. It has become one of my absolute favorite movies ever because of the cast and the premise of a guy overcoming that seeming disparity. These guys gel so well you'd think they were really best friends in real life. They remind me a lot of my friends. Yay Hollywood.


Anyway, the whole concept of somebody being out of one's league is interesting. For one, its fraught in insecurity. The thing is, for myself, I couldn't figure out what it was rooted in. Hell, I had female attention from plenty of attractive women. Not to say that my looks won them over, but my personality definitely got me in the door and I'd wager still does. Thank God for Blogger.

For one of these young ladies in particular, I remember the first time I saw her...which was also the first time she saw me as we "met" in the most interesting way possible. When I say met, I mean "became aware of one another" because I was telling my boy how banging she was but he couldn't figure out who I was talking to. So I had to point at her. She saw me pointing...then smiled at me. I smiled back, embarrassed, but the connection oddly enough was made. And for three years after that (this happened in college) we did this odd dance of noticing one another but never speaking. Which obviously was on me. She was the woman; me being shy and afraid definitely didn't propel her to make any moves.

We never fully met until years later but by then I'd moved on. But all of that hesitation was because I'd determined that she wouldn't take a chance on me. I counted myself out before she had a chance to. Which was ridiculous but it happens all of the time. And at the end of the day, we're all just people. We could have met and determined we hated each other. Or fell in love and gotten married. Who knows? I'm not a dweller so I don't worry about such things. But the fact that I let that happen to me frustrated me for a long time.

How could I, Alex, let some woman intimidate me that much that I didn't want to even speak. Never again. (The other girl happened around the same time too...maybe I was in a particularly self-conscious year.)

Point is, I wonder how many women and men talk themselves right out of meeting a quality person because of their own insecurities? In the movie, it doesn't matter because the uber-hot chick, Molly, is aggressive enough to offset Kirk's insecurities. But that's not normal. At all.

Ho hum and oh well. Pimpjuice is in full effect now. Shucks, I'll holler at you if you're hot enough. Or nice enough. Or whatever.

Anyway, have you ever talked yourself out of attempting to meet somebody or out of a situation because you felt they were out of your league?



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